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Drum Kit

You may be thinking..

“There’s no way I want that noisy thing in my house!” But you clicked this far so you must understand how much fun and beneficial a drum kit can be. 

Playing percussion does so many incredible things to our brains and bodies.

It increases coordination, ambidextrousness, enables self-expression, sparks creativity, relieves stress, enhances mood, increases brain development.

This sturdy, well-made collection of percussion instruments produces beautiful sounds easily, preventing your fine musician from becoming frustrated with it ’sounding bad’. This helps children to learn rhythm and tempo, hence to inspire your little drummer boy or girl.

The Playme drum kit includes:

  • 2 different sized drums that play two different sounds
  • 2 differently sized wooden guiro blocks to create two different sounds
  • 1 small copper cymbal
  • 1 set of chimes
  • 1 wooden table
  • 2 wooden mallets

This drum set can last through many, many hours of playing and even be passed down as an heirloom.  


    Suitable for ages 3+ 

    Always to be used with parental supervision. 

    Enjoy a 14 day money-back guarantee. Read full returns policy here.