Christmas Bundle - Toddler

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The perfect gift for any child no matter the occasion! This bundle includes:

    • Ditty Bird Christmas Music Book - There’s nothing like music to get you in the holiday mood, so why not invite your toddler into the musical magic of Christmas with five festive songs. Each page spread of a Ditty Bird book has one ‘sound dot’ that when touched triggers on/off the songs.
    • Large Spinning Drum (Ratatak) by African Drumming - The Ratatak, also known as a spinning or monkey drum, is fun and easy to play by spinning the vertical stick between the palms causing the beads to strike the drum skin in rapid succession. Each drum has a beautiful hand painted design on the drum head and no two are the same. Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  10cm x 2.5cm x 25cm
    • A pair of red wooden maracas by African Drumming. Discover the joy of music with this pair of beautifully crafted maracas. Filled with tiny beads which produce a soft crisp sound when shaken. The perfect acoustic accompaniment for kids to develop their rhythmic skills.
    • A Tiny Tones calico bag.