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Lily's Music Therapy Kit

Purchase your own beautiful kit for home or a gift. As inspired by Lily Calvert, namesake of the Lily Calvert Foundation.

Kit includes:

Wrist Bells: A fun way to explore music! Attach the bells to the wrist or a small ankle and watch your child move and shake to make them jingle. Expertly crafted by German instrument manufacturer Rohema. 

Maraca: Discover the joy of music with this pair of beautifully crafted maracas. They are filled with tiny beads which produce a soft crisp sound when shaken. The perfect acoustic accompaniment for kids to develop their rhythmic skills. Expertly crafted by German instrument manufacturer Rohema. 

Claves: These 18mm beechwood claves are easy to hold and fun to use. Let your children discover their musicality whilst learning about rhythm and beats. Expertly crafted by German instrument manufacturer Rohema. 

Finger Cymbals: 5cm diameter. Quality Italian chrome percussion cymbals, with bright resonant sound and rubber finger straps. Great for little hands. Made in Italy.


All presented in a lovely Lily Calvert Foundation/Tiny Tones calico bag.

PLUS $5 from every sale goes towards sending music therapy kits to for children in palliative care in partnership with the Lily Calvert Foundation. To read more about the Lily Calvert Foundation and our charity partnership, click HERE  

Suitable for ages 3y+. Always to be used with parental supervision. Item should NOT be used for teething. Always check before use and discard at the first sign of damage.

Enjoy a 14 day money-back guarantee. Read full returns policy here.