Monkey Glock

Made from high quality, sustainable mangowood with an ergonomically designed base. This full scale Monkey Glockenspiel fits easily on a lap or table.

Eight precision tuned bars in the C major diatonic scale provide an authentic musical experience. Specially designed resonator chamber enhances the beautiful melodic sound.

  • Expertly crafted 8 note glockenspiel with 2 wooden mallets. A perfect octave that is easily carried around.
  • Develops fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and audio visual skills.
  • Made from natural, sustainable and non toxic materials.
  • Green Tones is an award winning brand founded by Hohner, the professional musical instrument company established in 1857.

Suitable for ages 3+ . Always to be used with parental supervision. Item should NOT be used for teething. Always check before use and discard at the first sign of damage.