Tom-Tom Drum

Beautifully crafted 15cm traditional double headed drum. The natural heads produce a deep drum sound when hit with the mallet or played by hand. 

Child-safe loop allows you to easily hold it while playing or carrying around. Store your mallet in the built in holder when not in use.
  • Double head allows you to play both sides.
  • Children can play the drum with the mallet provided or with their hands to produce a beautiful deep sound.
  • Made from natural, sustainable and non toxic materials.
  • Green Tones is an award winning brand founded by Hohner, the professional musical instrument company established in 1857.
Suitable for ages 3+.  Always to be used with parental supervision. Items should NOT be used for teething. Always check before use and discard at the first sign of damage. 
Enjoy a 14 day money-back guarantee. Read full returns policy here.