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November 07, 2022 3 min read


We have been getting quite a few questions about Black Friday.We do know many are expecting us to be planning a large sale in the lead up to Christmas, so we feel it's only fair that we keep everyone updated.

We have sat down together as a company ( yes the whole two of us 😝 ) and have taken a look at the past three years and how we have participated in Black Friday sales. We have
 since come to the realisation that the anxiety and stress that Black Friday and other large sales periods bring across the board, is not something we would like to continue to participate in.  For our customers that have to fill carts and wait for the sale to start and hope they can get the products they want at the prices they are hoping for, our suppliers that are pushing to keep up with the demand, and ourselves that try our best not to let anyone down when ordering and purchasing the correct amount of stock. 


Additionally, as an online retail store, we have somewhat fixed margins. As we do not manufacture our own items, we do not set price. So with the increasing prices of shipping and other fixed costs, the biggest winners in large sale periods seems to be postal, dispatch and shipping companies.


What is most important to us is that we continue to provide the highest customer service levels we can in an online world, and that we strongly support children's charities and donate whenever we can. We continue to be extremely passionate about our charity partnership with the Lily Calvert Foundation and it remains to be a huge part of why we do what we do 💖.

With this decision, we also feel much more aligned and authentic in our belief of quality over quantity. We also work hard to offer preferred pricing to community centres, educators and toy libraries so that as many children as possible can enjoy our instruments and their developmental benefits.


Although we absolutely appreciate that times are difficult and so many are looking for more affordable ways to buy gorgeous items for their little ones, we do our best to offer payment terms with Zip Money and AfterPay. It is also so important for us to respect our customers that have bought from us year round and continue to offer our welcome and loyalty 10% discounts as often as we can as well as our rewards program, all of which we will be offering across the holiday season. From time to time we will also offer other incentives such as free gift with purchase, shipping discounts etc. However we will no longer be participating in highly publicised percentage off storewide sales/frenzies.


Feel free to use discount code TT-Hello for 10% off our items 😊 and please reach out via DM on Instagram, email at hello@tinytones.com.au or via the chat feature on our website, if there is any further way that we can help.

We send this message with love for all of our customers, suppliers, friends and followers. We hope to continue in our vision to be a sustainable company, that spreads the joy of music making worldwide for years to come. 💖 🎶


Love and music, Sasha and Shauna xx