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About Us


Introducing our little Tiny Tones Team

We met at Mothers' group, as so many do across Australia. It may have been our similar sarcastic sense of humour, or scarily similar points of view, but we soon became each others friend, mummy support and confidant. And the girls...besties (not that they had any choice). Little did we know that just over a year later we would be starting an exciting new business together. 

So why musical play and instruments?

As we experienced the girls' first christmases and birthdays, we wanted to avoid as much as possible, gifts that would have a short play-life. So with an aim of quality over quantity, we searched for things that they could interact with from their early age. They were able to shake things, whack things and that was about it. So drums, rattles and bells came to mind, and as music lovers ourselves, musical toys fit the bill. However, quality ones that would suit now and not be outgrown quickly, were so hard to find!

So the Tiny Tones seed was planted, and grew from there. We would source quality and sustainable instruments and sound making toys, from wherever we could and bring them to one place so that all the special little ones can grow and thrive through musical play. 

Love and music to you all, (from left) Milly, Sasha, Shauna and Layla. 💖 🎶 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧