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October 12, 2020 3 min read

October is already here, and we still can’t believe that we have celebrated our first birthday!  A huge thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and especially those who have supported us this past year ( you know who you are xxx 😘 ) and those who shopped with us in our birthday month.

We thought it would be a good time to re-introduce ourselves and Tiny Tones to those of you who are new to following us, new customers, subscribers and also those who perhaps haven’t just seen our faces for a while.

More about us and Tiny Tones:

We met at Mothers’ Group nearly 2 and a half years ago now and have been together learning about motherhood and e-commerce business simultaneously (well the biz part between Milly and Layla’s nap times really). Having a decent amount of years in the corporate world including experience in sales, IT and teaching and music, we have been drawing on our varied life experiences to bring our version of early childhood musical play to Australian families.

We are huge advocates of all the developmental benefits of music and musical play, and to be 100% clear, these benefits do not depend on purchasing our instruments or any instrument for that matter. Music is free and accessible to everyone and that is the best part about it. It is a universal language and really is the most joyful and inclusive part of language, communication and even wellbeing. You can even read about heaps of free musical play ideas in our other blogs. ❤️🎶

That said, as lovers of music, we did want to introduce instruments to our little ones and found it hard to find early childhood instruments that we loved and that would stand the test of time. So we thought if we started a website that offered musical instruments and sound making toys that we had already bought for our children that we were impressed with the quality and sound of, perhaps other parents and children would like them, and maybe even buy them?? Quite naive perhaps, but that’s how we came up with our initial product range. We could only give it a go hey 🤞 And since then, we have been pleasantly surprised and so extremely grateful. 😁

What's Next?

So moving now into our second year, we have been through so much learning (and also Covid just to add another crazy dimension), and no doubt so much more to come. We are working on heaps of new musical product ideas, a super exciting charity collaboration, whilst also further developing the product ranges within our key brands (with a bit of hoping that Covid related stock issues will sort themselves out soon).

Our vision remains the same – for all of our customers to experience the best online shopping experience with old fashioned customer service. Somewhere where parents and relatives of little ones can go with confidence to find quality and sustainably made early childhood musical items, so that their little loves may enjoy and thrive through music and sound.

We are slowly getting used to getting our faces out here in the online world so get used to seeing more from us. Don’t expect much glamour though. 😝

Love and music, Sasha and Shauna xxx