Pat Bell Shelf - 5 Bells

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Pat Bells Shelf-5 Bells in a Pentatonic Scale - Music made simple and fun. No tuning required, no more broken strings and no bad notes. Simply pat the bells for vibrant and colourful tune! 

The award winning Pat Bell Shelf from PlayMe Toys brings music into children’s rooms and elevates the traditional instruments to a new, stylish and practical level. Using the colour-coded Pat Bells, even young children can play their first musical pieces. And they can also keep a record of their own compositions by noting the melodies using the coloured dots in a supplied book. The Pat Bells Station boasts a really beautiful design and high-quality materials. A definite heirloom play piece to be passed down from child to child and even to future generations.

Watch our demo in the image gallery with little Milly (18mo) freestyle playing at the end!

Expertly crafted in Taiwan.

Suitable for ages 12m+

2016 Japan Good Toy Award WINNER

2016 Nuremberg Toy Award 2016 Nominee