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Green Tones

Green Tones eco instruments & toys are made from sustainable rubberwood making them not only good for your child, but good for the planet!

Green Tones is an award winning brand from the USA that is committed to developing age appropriate, eco friendly, and safe wooden musical instruments to stimulate cognitive abilities in children. Green Tones was founded by the Hohner company to continue its 160+ year heritage of making musical instruments in order to focus specifically on the needs of children.

Scientific studies show that music is not only fun but beneficial for cognitive development.

If you can visualise a thick forest with no clear pathways through it. That is the developing brain of a child. Now, visualise the pathway being forged, neurologically, every time you sing or musically interact with your child. The “music channel” is similar to the “language channel” in the sense that it needs to be stimulated and used, every day, in order for it to grow and be strong. As part of Hohner Inc, one of the oldest professional musical instrument companies, Green Tones encourages active music making which helps children develop their cognitive abilities.

All Green Tones products have passed safety requirements for CPSIA/ASTM F 963-11, CCPSA, and CPSC. Expertly crafted in India.