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PlayMe Toys International Corp. was founded in 2001 by a team with over 20-year experience in wood manufacturing and designing based on the love for wooden products for children.
Their design not only incorporates children’s physical and intellectual development theory, but also guarantees safety and quality during manufacturing process.
With the passion for wooden toys and responsibility to children, they are committed to providing the best for children and inspiring their motivation for learning through playing.


Safety is one of PlayMe’s primary concerns when designing products. Not only is every detail examined carefully in production, but products are also compliant with international safety test standards, such as EN71, ASTM and etc. Moreover, PlayMe insists on high quality toys, and are expertly crafted in Taiwan. Quality is never compromised – strict quality control is applied in each production process.

Create the Value of Playing

PlayMe’s products are not just toys. They mean love, friendship and education that would profoundly influence the child’s growth experience and everlasting memory. When we look at the bright smiles on children's faces, moved by their learning and creativity, the value of PlayMe surpasses the toy itself.